Cotswold Business Interiors

We design spaces that not only provide a place of work, but encourage movement and interactions, increasing alternative views towards working and learning. Whether we are your Design Consultants or Furniture Suppliers, statement interiors are developed and created that speak to both the users and clients. Using specialist knowledge and experience we provide interior refurbishments that adapt to you changing needs, unlocking your spaces full potential.

Our Services

Cotswold Business Interiors build lasting relationships with clients based on feedback and development. With the application of interiors experience and customer knowledge of the space, workplace stereotypes can be broken down. We question layout and requirements; increasing inter departmental discussions creating greater awareness of the inner workings of your business. Cotswold Business Interiors have vast experience in all Commercial and Educational interiors, including, meeting rooms, open plan offices, boardrooms, breakout areas, classrooms, canteens, science and technology laboratories and many more. Our expertise ensures that every detail of your project is taken care of from initial contact, through design development, final installation and aftercare. Our team is both specialist and dedicated to each stage of your project, taking the stress out of your refit, meaning you can relax and enjoy your vision becoming a reality.

What does your Office Interior say about your business?

The design of your workplace directly affects how your staff, suppliers and customers perceive you. It is the first impression they receive when attending a meeting, the last thing the see when they leave, and the lasting impression they carry with them through your business relationship. You would never turn up in a tracksuit for a board meeting, so don’t fall into the trap of underselling your business with an unflattering first impression of your interior. Be creative, be innovative, be dynamic and let your workspace do the talking.

All change starts with a conversation.


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The dining area at Aurora Group Insurance, Thornbury by Cotswold Business Interiors.

Picture by Clint Randall www.pixelprphotography.co.uk